IREM-0172Tammy Ma was trained at The Yorkville School of Makeup & Aesthetics and has been in the business for 6 years now. Tammy started working for some of the most high end beauty lines in the industry and eventually began her own freelance work.  She has gained much of her experience from the incredible opportunity given to her to work under some of the top Makeup and Hair Artists in Toronto.

For Tammy, she has always been a creative person, starting out painting and drawing as a small child. Moving to the big city of Toronto from Ottawa, helped her realize the world of Arts and in 2007 was prompted to pursue training for makeup artistry and make a go of it as a professional makeup artist. This was certainly one decision she has never regretted. Being able to doing what she loves has been an absolute blessing.

Tammy’s makeup is clean and soft yet striking. Her goal as a makeup artist is to give the client what they want but at the same time, keep a balance of what looks best, while keeping current trends in mind. Professionally, she is also known for her great attention to detail, her calming and soothing nature as well as the ability to work under pressure and tight time constraints.